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Another great update at Deadly Females I see! This one a wrestling bout between Mistress Danica and Mark though as he was too weak to put up any resistance to his Mistress she soon turns it around to thoroughly pleasuring herself on Mark’s face as he offers no resistance and clearly is enjoying it too!




To see the video featuring Mistress Danica report to Her now at Deadly Females :-)

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Danica’s husband is no good at anything, he’s almost completely useless but not quite – he does make an exceedingly good chair as she facesits and smothers him and pleasures herself!

Here are some pics :-)

See this great face sitting video now exclusively at Deadly Females!

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Another great update at Deadly Females!  This one is where Mark is in trouble with his boss Danica when she catches him watching cricket and looking at our website when he’s supposed to be working – but it’s not all bad news as she “punishes” him by giving him a good facesitting and smothering!

Here are some pics :-)

See more from Mistress Danica now exclusively at Deadly Females! :-)

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Wow!  Thanks to Dodgy Dave for this one!  And DA of Deadly Females of course for this great fan sign from Mistress Danica who was shooting for Deadly Females yesterday!

Any Idea's For A Caption?

Any Ideas for A Caption Guys

OK so we have a competition now! No prizes im afraid but lets have your captions and slogans for this pic guys!  :-)

Answers via comments please ;-)

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A wrestling bout between Danica and David soon turns into a one-sided affair at Deadly Females as she forces him to the ground and pleasures herself by face sitting and smothering him and ends by telling him “your face is worth fucking!”

Poor Dodgy! No wonder his face always looks so deshevalled ;-) You reading this Dodgy? ;-)

Anyway here are some pics ;-)

Mistress Danica Sits On His Face

Mistress Danica Sits On His Face

Mistress Danica Sits On His Face

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